Sunday, December 15, 2013

Marc Manlulu: Percent Post

Welcome to my percent post

Pt. 1

  • 50%- Divide it by 2
  • 10%- Divide it by 10
  • 25%- Divide it by 4
  • 1%- divide it by 100
  • A number out of a hundred.
Pt. 2


12 3/4%-


Pt. 3


Decimal- All you do is divide it by 100 to get the decimal(26 divide it by 100= 0.26)
Fraction- First find out the decimal. Then your numerator would be the number after the decimal.
               *But you don't know your denominator yet!*
0.26-  26/x   (x=variable)
                After you found out your numerator you have to find the denominator to complete the fraction. All you have to do is you just have to find the place value of the last digit of the decimal. The last digit is 0.26 which is in the hundredths place so your denominator would be 100.

26/100(26 over 100)


Decimal- All you do is is divide the numerator by the denominator. (7 divided by 10=0.7)
Fraction- Find the decimal first.(0.7). Then multiply it by 100 because percent is out of a hundred.


Percent- All you do is multiply it by 100 to get the percent. (0.024x100=2.4%)
Fraction- Find the numerator. Your numerator would be 24. (24/?). For the denominator you have to look at the last digit of the place value of the decimal(0.024) which in the thousandths. So then your fraction would be:



1) 20% of 60
    Mental Math:
    10% of 60=6
    10% of 60=6

    60 divided by 100=0.6
    0.6x20= 12

2) 0.1% of 40
    Mental Math
    40 divided by 1000=0.04(move the decimal to the left 3x)
    40 divided by 100= 0.4
    0.4x0.01= 0.04

3)250% of 400
   Mental math
   400+400+200= 1000

    400 divided by 100=4

Discount is the amount of percentage taken off a regular price : a price reduction.
Sale Price is when the original price is reduced or changed to a lower price. 
Total Price with Taxes is total or amount of money with discounts and sale prices you have to pay. Then the tax is the percentage of the total price of what you need to pay. It depends where you live. There is the GST tax and the PST tax.

What is the final sale price at each store? Which is a better buy?
Store A- 50% off for one day

Store B- 25% off one day followed by 25% off the reduced price the second day

Example: price=$320.00

Store A- 320 divided by 2=$160.00
             $320.00-$160.00= $160.00

Store B- 320 divided by 4=$80.00
             $320.00 -$80.00=$240.00
             $240.00 divided by 4= $60.00
             $240.00-$60.00= $180.00 

Store A would be a better buy because even though store B is 25% off then 25% off the next day, store A has a bigger discount to the price. Store A has $20.00 more off than Store B.

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