Monday, January 6, 2014

Dave's Pay it Forward

Pay it Forward.
pay it forward is helping another out by doing good deeds to others and hoping that they would do the same to others.

My pay it forward act of kindness was giving cans to Winnipeg  Harvest. But not just any ordinary can. I put the words pay it forward on it and this drawing on it.

I chose this activity so that people the receive my cans can do the same to others. I helped others who needed food. I went to Winnipeg harvest to give cans hoping that the thing I did was going to work. i did the act of kindness December 28, 2013.

When i was giving the cans, I told the lady all about pay it forward and she said that she was happy on what our school was doing and how kind we are. i felt really happy and great that I did this. I felt really proud of myself.

The idea of pay it forward is by helping out each other and hoping that they would do the same to other as well. My act of kindness made a difference by helping out people in need and think that it will spread to others that would do it also.

4 cans out of 24

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