Saturday, January 4, 2014

Kurt's pay it forward

Part 1

Pay it forward is when you do acts of kindness to at least 3 people, these acts of kindness could be simple like giving money to someone or something big like volunteering to serve food to people, and in return you ask them to pay it forward to 3 more people.

part 2

 What was your pay it forward act of kindness?
My pay it forward act of kindness was donating a box filled with food to Winnipeg harvest and i donated another box with clothing in it to a drop off .

Why did you choose this activity?
I chose this activity because I realized that i had a lot of small clothing that I didn't use anymore and that there was extra food that we didn't want so instead of throwing them out I decided that i should give it to others that needed it more than me.

Who did you help?
I helped Winnipeg harvest by giving them clothing and food to give to homeless people.

What did you do?
What I did was I looked through my closet to see if I had clothes that i didn't use anymore and i asked my mother if my siblings had unused clothing and then I put them inside a box, next i looked around our kitchen and i asked if we had food we didn't need then i put those in a box. I donated the clothing box to a drop off and i donated the food to Winnipeg harvest.

When did you do your act of kindness?
I donated the boxes on separate days, i donated the clothing on December 30 2013 and i donated the food on January 4 2014.


Part 3

How did your act of kindness go?
I think my act of kindness went well because everything that i wanted to happen happened, and i got lots of food and clothing that i got to donate.

What happened?
After i donated the lady made me sign a form and she thanked me for donating.

How did you feel?
I felt great after donating knowing that others will enjoy my donations.

How did the person or people react?
The woman i gave the donations to was thankful for the donation and i think she was happy to see someone donating.

Did you ask the person or people to "pay it forward"?
Yes i did, i asked the lady to pay it forward.

How did the person react to the request?
She was smiling and she said that she would support pay it forward and that she would be happy to do this to other people.

Part 4 

I think the idea of pay it forward is important because this little act of kindness could turn into a huge act of kindness involving everyone and it could change the world.

I don't think my act of kindness made a difference yet but it is slowly making its way to changing someones life.

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