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Marc's Pay it Forward Project

Marc's Pay it Forward Project

Part 1

What is Pay it Forward?
Pay it forward is when you or anyone does a simple act of kindness to three people or more. For example, donate money, clothes or food to homeless people, hold the door for someone, give love to others, etc. Then after you payed it forward, the people you've helped has to do a simple act of kindness to three other people or more and it keeps going on and on.

     This is what pay it forward looks like!

Part 2
For my pay it forward act of kindness is my group and I made a lot of puto. Puto is a really good Filipino dessert. After all the baking we each of us got 6 plates and sold it to our families and neighborhoods to raise money. Lastly we sold the putos we counted all the money we raised and donated it to Winnipeg Harvest. We knew that Winnipeg Harvest would definitely pay it forward.

My group and I chose to do this activity because we wanted the workers and the volunteers in the Winnipeg Harvest to help the homeless people with the money raise to get food, water, etc.

We helped the homeless people by giving the money we raise to Winnipeg Harvest.

What I did was the day after we got the puto I sold it to my parents and cousins then they asked "why are you selling puto?" and I told them about our project and what is pay it forward. Then I told them that we were going to donate all the money we raised from selling puto to Winnipeg Harvest.

My group and I did our baking on December 27,2013, we donated the money on January 2nd, 2014, I did all my selling between those dates.

Part 3
 I think our act of kindness went very well because we didn't have any problems, everything planned out good from baking to selling to donating. Also the volunteers were very happy when we told them about pay it forward and donating all the money.

After all the baking, selling and donating one of the volunteers gave us a receipt proving that we donated the money.

I felt very great especially when I saw the look on one of the volunteers. She was very happy when we told her about the donation and what pay it forward is. I also had so much fun when we were making the puto.

When we came inside the Winnipeg Harvest we told one of the volunteers that we wanted to donate money for our school project. She was very happy to hear about the donation. They told us that we are very thankful for donating money and said that we are difference makers.

Yes my group and I told them what pay it forward is.

They told us that they were really happy to hear about the donation and blessed or glad to pay it forward to homeless people. 

Part 4 
The idea of Pay it Forward is very important because in one simple act of kindness can change into a big difference because it can be passed on to three or more people and it keeps on going. It all started by one person or group.

I can't see it changing from the start but I'm pretty sure that it has change after donating it to Winnipeg Harvest. I think Winnipeg Harvest gave the money already and maybe they used it for food, water or shelter. I don't know if we made a difference it by donating the money we raise to Winnipeg Harvest  but It will happen if they use the money.

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