Sunday, January 5, 2014

Kris Gail's "Pay it Forward"

Part 1
Pay it Forward  is when you commit an act of kindness to at least 3 people or more. These acts of kindness could be really simple by just  donating money and clothing to those ones that needing them, or  by volunteering to community service, Winnipeg Harvest, etc. In return you could ask the people you help to do an act of kindness to 3 different people that the might know or not, by doing an act of kindness the other may follow your guide and do the same.

Part 2
My Pay it Forward kindness was volunteering on doing lighting crew at, and baby sitting one of my family friends kid.

I choose these activities because my parents told me that their friends are needing someone to watch their kids while their at work, and I really like kids and I know even thought its a small act it still can make  someones life easier.

I helped my mom's childhood friend to baby sit her baby while shes at work.

I change her diapers, put her in bed and etc. I baby sit for 3 days 

I did my act(s) of kindness on December 25-27, 2013.

Part 3
My Act of kindness was pretty fun and baby was so adorable.

While I was baby sitting Laureen was so adorable but she cries when every she wakes up, but she was sleeping most of the time.

I felt kind off proud of my self because I was my first time to take care of someone, at fist i was pretty scared to hold Laureen when the time goes buy I felt really that I decided to baby sit Laureen.

My mom was so happy when she found out that I agreed to baby sit Laureen for three days while shes at work.

Yes I did ask my moms friend to Pay it Forward. Shes said she was happy to do something that could a help someone that she knows she did some act(s) to help them change some part of her their life.

Part 4

The idea of "Pay it Forward" is important because its about people helping each other to survive in world we live in, and from that  now i know that everyone did some act(s) that may be simple or big what's important is that even though they didn't know it was an act of kindness but to the person they help  those act(s) could really change that persons life forever. I can't imagine to live in  a world without an act of kindness.Because I  know what ever happen we'll be there for each other weather we know one another or not we can do something that could change everyone's way of  living.

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